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    We are going to take care of your waste!
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    Legal solutions
    Decisions in line with Bulgarian and European legislation.

"Аnes 96"

Our company is fully developed in the field of ecology and in particular - the management of industrial and hazardous waste.

We offer comprehensive service to our clients, including advice on legal authorizations required to collect and transport and storage of waste pre-treatment to facilitate recovery / recycling or treatment for disposal.

We provide treatment at no hazardous industrial and hazardous waste. Another aspect of our business is cleaning kalomaslo - and grease, cleaning and maintenance of treatment plants for waste water cleaning and maintenance of sewage saurazheniya, fuel tanks.

In line with EU policy, "Anes 96" invest and develop actions for recovery of hazardous waste - in this field perform recycling of organic and inorganic materials, recovery of acids, bases and solvents.

Decisions firm "Anes 96" Ltd. will offer are fully consistent with current at the time of Bulgarian and European legislation in the field of waste management.

Our goal is to offer our clients comprehensive legal and ecological solution to any problem.

"Anes 96" Ltd. has the necessary modern equipment, which guarantees you a quality cleaning cleanser-degreasers, grease-traps, cleaning and recovery tanks, sewer cleaning and scooping pits, cleaning of wastewater treatment plants, de- channels and much more.

Shipments of hazardous and non-hazardous waste is our other core activities. "Anes 96" Ltd. offers environmentally and legally conveying your company generates hazardous activities and hazardous waste through specialized vehicles ADR (European Directive on the transport of dangerous goods). The case of transport services "ADR", "Anes 96" LTD provides you with all necessary documentation in accordance with applicable local and European legislation.

"Anes 96" Ltd. offers quality disposal of waste generated by the company you work hazardous waste by transport to appropriate facilities / equipment in Bulgaria and Germany, where hazardous waste is disposed of, recycled, recovered and disposed.

Willingness to keep abreast of the latest technologies in the world, and our desire for development has led to the idea that some hazardous wastes be exported to other Member States of the European Union, have even - safe and environmentally sound disposal facilities waste.

"Anes 96" Ltd. represents German companies.

Experience shows us that modern methods of disposal of hazardous waste unless they are ecologically more efficient, and are cost-efficient for us and for you - our customers.

Safe temporary storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.






Removal, collection and packaging
of asbestos containing materials.

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Colection, storage and disposal
of dangerous ans hazardous waste.

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Alternative fuels

Quality high calorific
alternative fuels from the EU

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Disposal by landfill disposal
by biological treatment
and disposal by physical
- chemical treatment.

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4000 Plovdiv,
"Anes 96" Ltd.,
Tsaratsovo 4204, 21 "Klisi Para" Str.

Telephone numbers

Tel. +359 32 62 11 65
Fax +359 32 62 11 65