The production facilities generate about 90% of the industrial waste. These are mostly waste from the production and processing of plastics, paper and cardboard, metals, glass, waste from the agro – food industry, waste from the extraction of raw materials and electricity, manufacturing activities, trade in materials and products.

Anes-96” Ltd. provides all necessary activities for the reception, removal, transport and subsequent processing of industrial waste from:

  • agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
  • production and processing of food products
  • processing of wood, paper, cardboard, cellulose
  • fur and textile industry
  • dyes and pigments
  • production and use of paints and varnishes, adhesives, printing ink
  • photography industry
  • thermal processes
  • galvanic processes, pickling, etching, phosphating, degreasing
  • molding, physical and chemical surface treatment of metals and plastics
  • solvents, absorbers, filters, protective clothing, packaging
  • electrical and electronic equipment, transport equipment, scrapped batches

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